HOUSELOGIC: Mortgage Scam: Equity Stripping

Nobody prints “Equity Stripper” on a business card. Instead, these mortgage scam artists call themselves “Mortgage Refinancers” or “Mortgage Re-conveyers” or even “Mortgage Rescuers.”  But whatever their title, these lending predators are there to steal equity from home owners who, ultimately, are stripped naked financially and emotionally. Here’s how equity strippers suck you in and, often, throw you out of your home.

HOUSELOGIC: Two-Thirds of Americans Think Now is a Good Time to Buy a Home

Americans are more optimistic about their home buying prospects than residents of other countries, with nearly two-thirds of Americans saying now is a good time to buy a home, according to the new Genworth International Mortgage Trends Report.

The local economic outlook, concerns about property affordability, and worries about future unemployment are among the issues listed by survey respondents as obstacles to their purchasing a home.

It Can Pay to Snoop on Neighbors

Going to the open house of a home for sale down the block may make you feel like a nosy neighbor. But there are good reasons, beyond sheer curiosity, to take a peek inside. By knowing the selling prices and how properties look inside, homeowners can become more educated about values in their neighborhood, says Karen Goodman, a real-estate agent with Keller Williams Realty in the St. Louis area.